LED Screens

LED Screens


EPH Productions has a wide range of EPH LED SCREENS for all applications Indoors and Outdoors. And as all the screens are assembled on site with interlocking panels, different sizes of screens can be built to suite your every need.

The EPH 5mm Hi Definition Screens are perfect for presentations and videos that require High Density imaging and text and is perfect for the smaller or large venues where the audience is closer to the screens.

The EPH 7mm LED screens is the favorite for most applications and has exceptional clarity and brightness to suite most applications indoors and outdoors. If you want to go large with detail and amaze your audience with 12x4 meter screens that opens with motors in the middle to reveal that special car or person, this is the screen to use.

The EPH 12mm LED Mesh consist of 264 panels assembled in all different configurations to stun your clients with imagery and graphics spreading over large areas. It is perfect for backdrops on open stages as well as filling your indoor stage with LED pillars or frame the 400 high risers with LED imagery.

The 16mm Outdoor screens is still the preferred screen where rain and other natural elements is a factor to consider. These screens main application is for outside stages where live feed is required on screen.

Gone are the days where lighting has to be dimmed or screens have to be placed in dark corners to improve the brightness. Our EPH LED Screens stays bright even with direct lighting and due to its versatility in sizes and melting into set designs, EPH LED Screens will give you the edge at your Conference, Gala Dinner, Live Event or Open Air Show.